200 Mountain View Dr.
Dixfield, ME 04224

Mountain View Campground 

The Way Camping Should Be

Phone Number:

Office (summer): 207-562-8285 

Winter:                   207-562-7879


Mountain View Campground

George & Pauline Welch

23 Aunt Hannah Lane

Dixfield, ME 04224

GPS address:

Mountain View Campground

200 Mountain View Drive

                                                                  Dixfield, Maine 04224


                                                                  EMAIL[email protected]

200 Mountain View Dr, Dixfield, me

Campground Address:

200 Mountain View Dr

Dixfield, ME  04224

Reservations must be made by phone: 

Office (207) 562-8285.  

Home (207)562-7879

Please call for reservations 

or any questions. 

Based on the COVID -19 Requirements from Maine. Campers from out of stare must quarantine for 14 days Or have a negative test 

Exempt: NH, VT, NY, NJ And CT